Beep Certified

BEEP Certified � To ensure our product meets the highest aftermarket performance standards. BEEP provides installers and consumers with confidence of accredited high quality product. BEEP certificate ensures that replacement brake friction material should not deteriorate vehicle brake performance below applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

American Hammered Formulations

FORMULATIONS � Multiple formulations are used depending on the original equipment guidelines. With a variety of Premium Copper Free Ceramics, Non- Asbestos Organics, Semi Metallics and Extreme Duty, these families of friction types are uniquely designed to meet the braking characteristics and demands of your vehicle.

NSF Leafmark

NSF LEAFMARK COMPLIANT � American Hammered formulations have all been tested, and are NSF LeafMark Compliant. NSF is a friction material registrar, and the authorized third-party lab that licenses the LeafMarks for use on friction materials that comply with the laws.

Noise Suppression

NOISE SUPPRESSION TECHNOLOGY � Brake noise and squeal is an installers and consumers most fundamental concern. Suppression of noise begins with the science of quiet friction formulations. American Hammered materials are designed for maximum performance and durability, with a keen sensitivity to the noise concerns causing installation comebacks.